Book launched and firing

Thu726088bd-fcec-4a6c-906e-5df5646e40cfrsday’s been and gone, and the book is away. Photos forthcoming. There was a good turnout for the launch, despite the cutting Wellington weather that night, and fun was had, books signed and sold. Stephen said some fine things about the shenanigans between publisher and author over the last couple of years. I unloaded with my undiminished thanks, to Stephen, and particularly my wife Adele, who has been my absolute rock these past ten years, making this happen. The Sovereign Hand couldn’t have been without her.

So the book is now officially everywhere in NZ, Unity Books, Whitcoulls, etc; just ask for it by name. Also, Steam Press will deliver free of charge, and has links to all the other methods of purchase.
Print copies will be available for overseas buyers any day now through Amazon, which also hosts the Kindle version, of course.

The book and I have had good press, with another interview and a feature article going to print this week, and a public reading on the horizon next month. More details (links) when they come to hand, and I expect more reviews soon too.


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