Dragon Club

Introducing Young Adventurers to Dungeons and Dragons

WhY DRagon Club?

We’re all seeing our kids getting lost in screens and “social” apps. Dragon Club is a chance to do something different, playing a game, being social, face-to-face. Roleplaying builds social skills, empathy, and every element of what the New Zealand Curriculum calls “Key Competencies”. AS well as promoting literacy and numeracy, creativity and curiosity about the world. Plus: it’s fun!

What is DRagon Club?

Dragon Club is a new initiative for introducing young players to the fun and huge benefits of tabletop roleplaying games, by playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is a tabletop roleplaying game where each player takes on the role of a character they want to be and make choices and roll dice to explore, persuade and even battle their way through a fantastic world that the players all create together.
One player is the Dungeon Master, who is responsible for refereeing rules, but mostly describing the world and how it responds to the characters’ actions, and making sure the players all feel like heroes and are having fun.

Dragon Club offers the chance for children to learn to play and have fun around a D&D table, guided by an experienced Dungeon Master who is also a fully qualified Primary teacher.

Children have a huge input into the world they play in, whether they want fairies and gnomes and pet dragons, wild pirate adventures or battling zombies, we create a fun world for us all.


Dragon Club is in start-up mode at the moment, which is the perfect time to get involved. We’re looking to run an introductory session this school holidays, the week beginning 18th July. If that goes well, we’re looking to hold a session a week across 6 weeks during term 3.

To register interest for your primary-aged (7 yrs and up) child, just submit your query in the form below and we will answer with enrolment details ASAP.

– Paul


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I’ll be adding a bio shortly! Also, we’re planning to update with more of the educational benefits, ethics and vision for our initiative as things unfold.