Interviewed by: Dab of Darkness

Dab of DarknessProlific reviewer and interviewer, Susan Voss at Dab of Darkness, posed me some searching questions recently, and my answers on The Sovereign Hand, genre, and writing in general are up now for everyone’s reading enjoyment.

I like Dab of Darkness. I like that her interview questions have a useful focus, yet allow the scope for the author to go to places they care about.

I also appreciate the wide range of books Susan covers. She does not truck the easy review route of established names, or churning the stuff being pushed en masse by the big publishers. This gives readers a chance to explore their interests more widely. Her review format allows her to be positive, but not uncritical of the texts she reads.

As far as reviews go, Dab of Darkness does on a huge scale what I’d like to do on a tiny corner boutique scale here. Hopefully I’ll have some of that on the horizon.


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