Roll on 2015

My last post was in September, regarding a book reading in Kilbirnie. My grandmother died the day before that event. It was about then that I lost my voice.

Not my physical voice, of course. But beyond the publication of The Sovereign Hand, it was a truly dismal year. Personally, yes, with my father’s death and various other trials and disappointments; but as someone who cares, it was pretty dire for the world and the country as well, with democracy continuing to wither everywhere unattended.

2014 – I’m happy to make a clean break with it.

So roll on 2015. I’ll be back on 5th of January with some news about me, The Sovereign Hand, awards and events – and in particular, a new focus for this site with regards to reviewing other authors’ works.

Till then I wish everyone well and safe. You can check back for more here soon.


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