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Sir Julius Vogel Awards – shortlist is out, convention ahead

SJV award - shiny!The Sir Julius Vogel Awards shortlist for 2015 has been published, and The Sovereign Hand has made it on to the final ballot for “Best Novel”, and also scored me a place on “Best New Talent” (cue a becoming blush).

Many thanks to those who showed support for my work and made this happen.

Now it’s up to the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand as they vote at the annual convention, held this year at Easter in Rotorua.

Happily, I’m already attending as part of a panel discussion on “The World of Worldbuilding” – the approaches, the whys and the where-in-the-hells of creating alternate realities. Right up my alley, so yeah, kinda jazzed for that.

It’s still possible to pick up memberships for the convention (which also gets you a vote). So if you’re in the area at Easter, sign up, and stop on by.


The Sir Julius Vogel Awards – nominations open

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards are held each year to celebrate the best in New Zealand sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. The Sovereign Hand is eligible for 2015, and any person, or body corporate, can nominate.

Yes – even you!

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of NZ will vote on the final winner, but the number of nominations help with getting short-listed. This system provides a pretty level playing field for NZ authors and their readers and supporters across the world.

So if you’ve read and enjoyed The Sovereign Hand, and hope to see more in the future, or would just like to show your support, nomination could not be easier:

  1. Open an email to sjv_awards@sffanz.org.nz
  2. Copy and paste the field below into the email.
  3. Enter your own NAME and CONTACT EMAIL (or other contact details) for each category. (This is important, to ensure the nomination is valid.)

Only one nomination can be sent per email, but if you would like to nominate another work here is the SJV’s list of some other eligible works.

Thanks for your support.

– SJV Nomination –
Nomination category: Best novel 

Title of work: The Sovereign Hand
Name of Author: Paul Gilbert
What the work is: Novel
Year of First Release: 2014
Publisher: Steam Press
How to contact the publisher/author: stephen@steampress.co.nz
Genre: Fantasy
Your contact details: ………..(important)

Send to:  sjv_awards@sffanz.org.nz